Letters for September 8, 2016

The real killer?

Re “Sit down, stand up” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Editor’s Note, September 1):

Colin Kaepernick plays football for the San Francisco 49ers and has attracted much media attention for sitting down during the national anthem, his way of protesting against the police for allegedly targeting African-Americans. I’m really sick of Black Lives Matter and the likes of Kaepernick who are so focused on police violence that they seem to forget or neglect the No. 1 killer of black lives today, which is abortion!

Yes, in this very nation the female black population only accounts for 12 percent of the female population, yet has around 36 percent of all abortions. The black population is going through a genocide and prominent African-Americans are keeping silent.

Michael Rachiele

Prairie Village, Kansas

Think bigger

Re “Isleton’s last stand” by Graham Womack (SN&R Feature Story, September 1):

Isleton Councilwoman Elizabeth Samano wants “a focus on small businesses and a ban on franchises.” Mentalities like hers explain some of Isleton’s problems. For starters, Isleton would be lucky to even have a franchise, service station or eatery show any interest in the town. But more importantly, a franchise, while it is affiliated with a big corporation, is nearly always owned and often run by local people. They are mom-and-pop shops with major corporation backing, but mom-and-pop shops nonetheless.

Bill Zaumen


Local treasure

Re “Who should be on the Sacramento Walk of Stars?” (SN&R Streetalk, September 1):

I have a great idea for who the first person should be, and that is none other than the “Sacramento Kid” Herb Caen, who was born in Sacramento in 1916. He was a national treasure for decades, writing his daily column for the San Francisco Chronicle. I was addicted to his journalism.

Steven Monette


Blood, sweat and tears

Re “Convenience of race” by Michael Crisman (SN&R Letters, September 1):

Contrary to what you wrote, blacks built this country and made it what is through their blood, sweat, tears, slavery, rapes and murders that your people committed on them. They built the railroads, highways, ships, so and so on. What has your race done for the world? Colonialism, insurmountable and unaccountable numbers of outright genocide, murder, rape, torture, theft of natural resources from the rest of the world, global destruction and vast other atrocities to mankind of other races worldwide.

Anthony Blan

via email