Letters for August 18, 2016

Check your privilege

Re “Female privilege” by Fred Hayward (SN&R Letters, August 11):

Hi, Fred! I went ahead and started that “female privilege” column you were asking about. I’m certain other readers will be able to add more to this very, very brief list. After all, there is a 200-word limit.

1.) I can walk down the street and face unchecked harassment.

2.) I can have strangers condemn and insult me for legally breastfeeding my baby in public.

3.) I can get sent home from school for wearing “provocative clothing” (shorts).

4.) I get to have “blood coming out of [my] eyes; blood coming out of [my] wherever.”

5.) I can watch as females get significantly underrepresented in film and television programs.

6.) I can get paid 78 cents to the male* dollar. That becomes significantly less if I am a Black, Latina, or Native American woman (64 cents, 54 cents, 58 cents, respectively). (*White male)

7.) I can have people blame me for my own rape.

A. Huerta


Oh, OK

Re “Female privilege” by Fred Hayward (SN&R Letters, August 11):

I am a white, 67-year-old, retired middle-class person and a product of a less-than-middle class upbringing with no privilege, especially when it came to the draft during the Vietnam War. I found Fred’s letter to be spot on.

Dennis Johnson


Out of gas

Re “Crocker Village’s stunted growth” by Alastair Bland (SN&R News, August 11):

The author states that “Petrovich offered to placate their concerns by relocating the gas station.” A small amount of investigation would show the fact that Petrovich rescinded the offer almost immediately. The author also describes how the lawsuit states the gas station was a “core piece” of Petrovich’s plan. The Environmental Impact Report, the original PUD, and numerous other documents that are all accessible via the city’s website do not even mention a gas station.

Scott Johnson


Say thanks

Re “Allen Warren’s neighborhood” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, August 4):

Let’s not forget that Mr. Warren has cracked down on illegal dumping of junk and debris in vacant lots and graffiti. This is major, because as a resident of Del Paso Heights, these things impact our quality of life and add to the negative stigma about our neighborhoods. Thank you, Mr. Warren.

Ramona Landeros