Issue: October 20, 2016

The cover story this week: Here, at the SN&R, we're celebrating 20 years of Ask Joey; the column by our much loved and wise advice columnist, Joey Garcia. Learn more about what makes Joey who she is from Joey herself.

Elsewhere in the issue: The operators behind the online classified portal,, have been arrested for conspiring to pimp, leaving sex workers and activists asking who these crackdowns protect now that sex workers cannot monitor potentially dangerous clients, Raheem F. Hosseini has the story; What is the South of 50 project and how will it impact Folsom residents if it is moved forward? Oh, and where is the money coming from exactly? Scott Thomas Anderson follows the money trail and reports. Elsewhere, Jeff vonKaenel sits down with the CEO of Regional Transit, Henry Li, and the Amalgamated Transit Union president, Ralph Niz, for an in-depth discussion on improved services, Measure B and parking around the new arena.