Eight Gigs: Garble

Fri., Oct. 21, 9 p.m., Old Ironsides, $6

Garble has a garage-grunge sound that is dosed with tight guitar jams and heavy drum beats that could rival a seasoned hard-rock outfit. Angst-ridden lyrics are dispatched by almost bored, prosaic voices, until the music gets thrumming and hypnotic. Suddenly, things get emotive. Dark melodies chant in a high-pitched, wheedling, pained tone that induces the urge to both indulge in a grunge rock slouch-nod and play kick-ass air drums. Garble hits that special place where skill, finesse and a touch of wounded affectation work together to create a safe space to revel and release all the noxious feels. 1901 10th Street, www.garbletheband.com.