Letters for October 20, 2016

Hypocrisy and fantasy

Re “Trump vs. conscience” by Brian Steele (SN&R Letters, October 13):

Last spring, all polls showed that Bernie Sanders was, by far, the stronger candidate against Trump. We told them we would not vote for Hillary, ever. But as Clinton, the DNC, and their mainstream media minions colluded to steal the nomination from Bernie, none of them were concerned if Trump won over the weaker Hillary. Now they whine that we are not going to vote for Hillary. Yes, Trump spews racist, sexist, anti-Muslim bile. But Hillary’s record is far worse than Trump’s fantasies. Hillary has killed people. Trump wants to exclude Muslims from the U.S., Hillary sent U.S. troops to their countries and killed them by the tens of thousands! And now Hillary whines about Russia allegedly interfering in our internal politics. Such hypocrisy! I’ll bet all those dead Iraqis, Libyans, Yemenis and Syrians (and Hondurans) would have some choice words for her if they could speak from the grave. We were brought to where we are now by the two-party system. In stealing the nomination, Hillary and the DNC showed they don’t give a rat’s ass about democracy!

Jan Bergeron


Blowin’ in the wind

Re “The war on bugs” by Alastair Bland (SN&R Feature Story, October 13):

If the continued, decades-long chemical war against the mosquitoes in Sacramento kill some, more just blow in on the next wind. However, in aerial spraying, the poison hits all of the nontarget objects around us. The poison does not kill the fleas, but renders them more resistant to the pesticides. When a highly lethal vector transmitted disease comes along the fleas may no longer die. Just as overuse of antibiotics has robbed our doctors of their medical weapons against disease, so is the day after day after day after day spraying in the Sacramento area, robbing our medical establishment of pesticides for use in serious disease outbreaks. And it continues to poison everything in the ecosystem.

Jessica Denning


Don’t blow it

Re “Monsters Inc.” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Editor’s Note, October 13):

We have the opportunity to finally elect a woman for president, one whose credentials are impeccable. The possibility that we could desecrate our country’s reputation by electing a buffoon is appalling.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City


Re “The war on bugs” by Alastair Bland (SN&R Feature Story, October 13):

Due to a production error, Julie Ostoich was incorrectly identified as Jessica Denning in a photograph. SN&R regrets the error.