Th, F, Sa 8pm. Through 10/29. $10-$20. Big Idea Theatre, 1616 Del Paso Boulevard; (916) 960-3036;
Rated 5.0

This farcical story of a performing chimpanzee in the waning days of his career, is a winning production in both concept and execution. Playwright Nick Jones’ plot sounds incredibly ludicrous—Trevor is a showbiz chimp with a couple of bit parts under his belt who bitterly bemoans his stalled career while his human caretaker tries to deal with his angry outbursts—but the writing is clever and the cast gifted. Director Joelle Robertson masterfully juggles many balls—keeping the ironic tone and storyline in place with a cast that not only has an actor realistically portraying a chimp, but also with actors who talk over and around each other without really communicating.