Monsters Inc.

By now everyone’s seen the video, heard Donald Trump bragging about forcing sexual contact on women. Boasting he could, because “when you’re a star, they let you do it.”

By now, everyone’s heard Donald Trump’s-so called “locker room banter” defense. And by now, everyone’s watched as some Republican politicians have jumped ship, distancing themselves from a man who talks that way about their wives and daughters, mothers, sisters and aunts.

It’s as if personally knowing a woman has finally driven home just how horrifically sexist Trump really is. Never mind that this “protect our women” attitude reeks of patriarchal patronizing.

And, never mind that there’s always been plenty of evidence to prove Trump is also horrifically racist, xenophobic and classist.

Oh, and just never mind that Trump is quite likely the least qualified major ticket candidate to ever run.

Never mind any of it, because apparently, none of this is enough as some hesitate to disavow him, even now.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, for example, announced he’ll no longer campaign with or “defend” Trump anymore—yet he hasn’t actually withdrawn his endorsement.

What’s the point?

Oh, no need to answer, I get the point, politically speaking, but you can’t have it both ways.

You can’t have a party that builds the monster factory, creates the monster, cozies up to the monster, feeds the monster, shelters the monster—and then try to look away when the monster becomes unbearably dangerous.

You can’t do that without letting the monster destroy you, too.

Rachel Leibrock