Issue: August 15, 2013

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The feature this week: Cocktail Week is getting ready to descend on

Midtown, and SN&R has you covered with event previews, unusual

cocktails, trends, hangover cures and even a test to determine what

kind of drunk you are. Salut!

Elsewhere in the issue: Dave Kempa on struggles facing transgender

homeless youth, despite progress made; Raheem F. Hosseini on school

districts looking to swap McKinley Village development land; Jeff

vonKaenel on the need to reform marijuana laws; Ryan Ong and Rob

Wassmer on the statistics behind arena plans; Garrett McCord reviews

the new Capital Dime; Blake Gillespie on hip-hop artists making yet

another "Sacramento record"; and more.

  • Student Guide 2013

    With rising tuition and a rocky job market many students are in doubt as to whether they should invest in a traditional college track education. SN&R’s Student Guide talks about choices that students are making in today’s economy as well as what some of the fastest growing careers are through 2020.

    This article was published on 08.15.13