Rated 2.0

A lowly crop-dusting airplane (voice by Dane Cook) cherishes an ambition to participate in an around-the-world air race, and by a combination of pluck and luck, he succeeds. Yes, it's Turbo with planes instead of snails, but it's also an unimaginative rehash of every other follow-your-dream movie, with little more than some stunning animation to distinguish it from all the rest. The story trudges through its predictable formula with excruciating precision, hitting every beat right on schedule. With no suspense or surprises, we have to pass the time by trying to identify the celebrity voices (which include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Teri Hatcher, John Cleese and Cedric the Entertainer) and contemplating the inevitable Disney theme-park attraction. At least the ride will be over more quickly.