Issue: January 05, 2012

Greetings SN&R readers,

Last week, SN&R’s Nick Miller received a call

early Wednesday morning that city of Sacramento

police were evicting people from the Tent City 2

encampment along the American River. He was there

until the sun began to set; here’s what really

happened. Also this week: Bites’ Cosmo Garvin

looks at Kevin Johnson’s strong mayor poll dance,

Brett Isreal reveals the possible danger lurking

in your Mountain Dew, and SN&Rs Guest Comment returns.

Amid the varied traditions of the New Year,

behold the resolution. This year it might be a

vow to seek out an improved relationship, return

to school, or begin the search for a new job. But

weight loss, working out and the pursuit of

physical fitness­these will always be among the

most popular resolutions. So, just in time for a

new year, we offer a roundup of workout routines

from some area notables in this weeks feature.

And in Arts&Culture: Over the years Polly Frost

has taken myriad topics­erotica, art, technology,

et al­but her latest subject may be the most

challenging of all. Rachel Leibrock chats with

the humorist. Also this week: Jonathan Mendick

proposes 10 things the guys from MythBusters

might maybe wanna hit with a cannonball­just for

fun. And SN&R introduces a new section, Coolhunting!

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