Issue: December 29, 2011

Greetings SN&R readers,

Christmas is over and so, thank God, is 2011. It

would have been a better year, if not for all the

people who lied and cheated, and pepper-sprayed,

and otherwise damaged their fellow man. You had

your murderous Bashar al-Assad types, along with

your lesser villains; who knew Arnold

Schwarzenegger would turn out to be a sleaze?

There were lots of local scoundrels­and Scrooges,

too. In Frontlines, we've got a list (just a few)

of the Grinches of Sacramento 2011, the folks who

made life just a little less merry for the rest of us. Humbug.

The whole world really was really watching in

2011. But the whole world apparently will watch

anything­and at such a break-neck speed, one has

to wonder: Is anyone paying attention? So, maybe

this year more than ever, SN&Rs 2011 in Review feature matters: It brings you back to the slow,

with its actual printed words on paper and all,

for a crash course in everything, Sacramento and

beyond, you were too busy to notice. Or that you've already forgotten.

Hey, SN&R didn't phone it in and take a prolonged

vacation this winter. Nah. For your reading

pleasure: Jonathan Kiefer and Jim Lane's best

(and worst) of their cinema experiences in 2011;

Jonathan Mendick's New Year's Eve guide No. 2;

Nick Miller's most played records of the year;

Kel Munger and the SN&R critics favorite local

theater picks. And, uh, that's it!

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