Make like Popeye

Are your garden and community-supported agriculture box full of leafy greens this time of year? You know they’re good for you—but how can you keep eating them and not get bored? I like to turn to different cultures for recipe inspiration.

I’ll make an Indian-spiced lentil soup, and stir a handful of shredded chard in at the end, so it doesn’t get slimy. I’ll layer spinach on a quesadilla, and top a steaming bowl of risotto with strips of kale to soften on top.

The Greeks make a delicious pie called hortopita rollo, which combines spinach, leeks and feta cheese in a phyllo crust. Use heartier greens, like chard and bok choy, for a quick stir-fry with garlic and a drizzle of soy sauce. You can even layer a mound of spinach on a pizza with onions, garlic, cheese and red-pepper flakes for a great vegetarian feast.

The bonus is that all that iron and vitamin A you’re getting will help keep your energy up and your eyesight strong through the cold, dark winter.