Issue: November 24, 2011

Greetings SN&R readers,

In this week's issue:

Welcome to SN&R's Holiday Guide 2011! Inside, Jonathan Keifer provides a peek at the movies -- why so many nostalgic ones? -- that are heading to a theater near you for the holidays. Elsewhere, Becca Costello gives up some Sac Black Friday tips and considers varying cool gifts for those loved ones (and not) on your list. Finally, be sure to save our compilation of local holiday events, featuring concerts, ice skating opportunities, performances galore, community gatherings -- the holiday works!

In news, the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center has a leak. A $7 million leak. Cosmo Garvin looks at who's to blame, who's gonna pay -- and what happens next. Also this week: County employees struggle with FasTrak and toll roads, the United States Geological Survey puts out a new report on climate change in the Delta, and Sacramento street car desire ratchets up a notch.

On the Arts&Culture front, is it OK to ban young kids from restaurants? It happened in Pennsylvania this year, and goes down at high-end Napa Valley eateries. But would Sacramento restaurateurs kick out their most youngest of

clients? Christopher Arns digs into who's coming for dinner. Also this week: Saharan eats, a roundup of local music venues (surprise: there are a lot!), and one big sock puppet.