At the limit, already

By now the phrase “to the limit” has reached an inevitable limit of its own when it comes to describing one of the greatest ’70s rock ’n’ roll bands, the Eagles. This book, Eagles: Taking It to the Limit (not to be confused with Marc Eliot’s 1998 To The Limit: The Untold Story of the Eagles) arrives fully loaded with photos and “40 years of music, parties, breakups, lawsuits and redemption.” It was penned by Ben Fong-Torres, a Rolling Stone writer who got as close to the band as anyone could at that time. The Eagles snubbed the press nearly from the start and continued the freeze on critics throughout their musical ascension. Somehow the 40-year anniversary and overly detailed recollections of a famous Eagles vs. Rolling Stone magazine softball game in 1978 made Fong-Torres believe there was a market for another Eagles release. If you’re a fan, that’s probably enough.