Issue: December 01, 2011

Greetings SN&R readers,

Experts have expressed deepening concerns about the health risks of using flame retardants in furniture -- including children's car seats and portable cribs. But that didn't stop the chemical industry from spending $23.2 million over the past five years to lobby California officials and, among other things, urge "no" votes on bills that seek to regulate these chemicals. In this week's feature, SN&R presents the results of a five-month investigation by independent media group Environmental Health News.

In news, the Ford Motor Company, who manufactures everyone's favorite cop car, the Crown Victoria, has discontinued the ride, and the nation's last-remaining police interceptors rest in a downtown Sacramento dealership lot. Nick Miller

has the scoop. Also this week: Hugh Biggar looks at hopes for WIC surviving this year's Congressional budget cuts, and Raheem F. Hosseini explores who will review police-shooting and force incidents now that the district attorney's office has bailed out.

An excerpt from this week's Ira "This American Life" Glass interview: Cosmo Garvin: "So at the Grass Valley event, are you going to be getting blackout drunk on stage?" NPR's Glass: "If those are the customs of the Sacramento and Grass Valley area, I will abide by the local customs." Read more in this week's arts feature.