Punkin chunkin’

I just got back from a few days in Napa Valley, where it must be required to decorate your business or home with pumpkins. We saw them in all shapes, sizes and colors on steps, rafters and menus.

It reminded me to not limit my pumpkin meals to pie this fall—you can eat them in all manner of dishes. In fact, like a wine flight, you might consider cooking up three or four varieties and tasting them side by side. A little yellow delicata has a sweet and fibrous flesh vs. an acorn squash, with its smoother and nuttier meat. Winter squash on pizza is popular these days, and you could use a puree in place of tomato sauce, topped with bacon or ham, caramelized onions, and a sharp pecorino cheese. Or try roasted chunks of pumpkin drizzled with garlic and olive oil and layered on a crust with sage pesto.

The colors of these fall fruits are gorgeous—both outside and in, and they’re packed with fiber and vitamin A. So don’t chunk your punkins (unless you’re in Delaware for the big contest)—eat them instead!