Issue: October 27, 2011

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The United Nations tell us there are now 7 billion people living on planet earth. As Brian Burghart reveals in this week's feature story, the final irony in this fact--­and the speed at which we attained the last billion­--is that our

success at proliferation may be the very thing that causes our own annihilation. We're just too damned sexy. And not quite smart enough.

And in news, we've gotta know: Who's the MVP that can save the Sacramento Kings from leaving town? Mayor Kevin Johnson? David Stern? Or Tyreke Evans? Well, little known former NBA executive Jeff David, who moved to Sacramento from Manhattan this summer, might well be the key that keeps the ball in the River City's court. Hugh Biggar reports. Also this week: Bites asks whether Occupy Sacramento is really bad news for downtown businesses, Nick Miller asks if the cost of police enforcement at Occupy Sac is worth it, and Hugh Biggar looks at eco-friendly deaths.

On the arts beat, contributor Aaron Carnes doesn't have all the answers, but he knows that Honyock is one pretty unique Sacramento band. Find out more in this week's music feature. Also: Enotria gets the nearly five-star treatment, and Jonathan Mendick shares some Halloween must-dos, plus a round-up of scary shows from Kel Munger in this week's Stage feature.

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