The Sleeper

Wilkerson Theatre (formerly The California Stage)

1723 25th St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 451-5822

Rated 4.0

Gretchen (Alexandra Ralph Evans) is overwhelmed by the post-9/11 world and neglected by her husband, Bill (Journi Kirjola), so when her son’s gorgeous tutor (Dan Featherston) shows interest, she’s head-over-heels in an affair. But is he really who he seems to be? This comedy by Catherine Butterfield is shot through with conflict and thought-provoking ideas; with direction by Margaret Morneau and a great cast that also includes Kellie Yvonne Raines, Alysha S. Krumm, Jason Patrick and Cody Parcell, it’s a wild, dark, funny ride. Th 10/27 & 11/3, 8pm; F, Sa 8pm. Through 11/19. $10-$15, with special “girlfriend group” pricing. Resurrection Theatre at the Wilkerson Theatre in the California Stage complex, 25th and R streets; (916) 838-0618;