Hot food

illustration by mark stivers

If there is one thing I love about the Davis Farmers Market, it’s the fact that I can get plenty of prepared food there. Popsicles in assorted flavors—sweet-potato thai tea and strawberry-basil, for example—are available from Fat Face. Raja’s Indian Cuisine makes some of the best samosas ever—a welcome snack on a cold autumn morning shopping for veggies. The Hotdogger—possibly one of the best restaurants in the world—is there selling hot, meaty wieners. Heck, on Wednesday during the summer at Picnic in the Park, you can even get steak sandwiches and pizza made in a stone oven!

Sacramento, WTF? The most I see at farmers markets here are pastries and some mediocre coffee. Food trucks, where art thou? In one location you have hundreds of people milling about with only the subject of food on their minds and many of them getting pretty darn hungry. Restaurants, are you looking for some stable traffic where you can peddle some cheap and tasty eats from a cart? Markets! We market shoppers love some hot food.