Issue: November 10, 2011

Greetings SN&R readers,

In this week's issue:

Colleagues view Claire Pomeroy, the CEO of the vast UC Davis Health System, as voice and advocate for a top-flight health care system. Pomeroy's husband calls her a one-time rebel and champion for the underdog who, over the years has matured into a natural leader. SN&R's Rachel Leibrock gives us an up-close look at Pomeroy -- past and very much present.

From Joe Kings Fan to Mayor Kevin Johnson to Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg, everyone's hoping sports and entertainment powerhouse AEG will be the answer to not just keeping the Kings in Sacramento, but also saving downtown from certain economic peril. But SN&R's Nick Miller dissects AEG and Phillip Anschutz's shortcomings: dismantling the California Environmental Quality Act, re-electing George W. Bush, passing Colorado's anti-gay-rights laws, producing Ayn Rand films ­and even the death of Michael Jackson. Also this week in Frontlines: K Street gets cars!

In Arts&Culture, Lory Gil reports on local fruit and vegetable canning groups, Greg Lucas takes a peek inside J Street's new "Turkish delight," Nick Miller learns what ZuhG means (and why it's OK to smash a guitar), Kel Munger raves about Twelfth Night at Big Idea Theatre, Josh Fernandez reports on heroes Cowboy and a Thug's latest gig, and Rachel Leibrock has a Q-and-A with a Sundance-worthy filmmaker.