Found Crock-Pot

illustration by MARK STIVERS

As I write this, boxes that have yet to be unpacked from my most recent move surround me. I’ve left behind a nice apartment in Arden that had an unfortunate run-in with some broken pipes and mold; both of which were—in my opinion—poorly handled by a company eager to devour the souls, hopes and bank accounts of unwitting renters.

As I was trying to stack the pots and dishes away in the new place, I came across an abandoned brick-red Crock-Pot that had apparently been left behind by the previous renter for reasons unknown, as the wiring was fine, and it still worked.

Considering that I was tired and in no mood to do any actual cooking having just schlepped everything from one address to another, I did what any sane, tired and hungry person who doesn’t want to call Pizza Hut would do: I found some dried black beans and tossed them in the pot with some water, chili powder, a smashed garlic clove, and some cumin and salt. Easy-peasy moving food with a newfound Crock-Pot. I highly recommend it as a way to cut the bitterness of a bad rental experience.