Issue: December 15, 2011

Greetings SN&R readers,

The number of Sacramento residents receiving federal benefits in the form of food stamps has nearly doubled to 88,000 families and individuals in the past five years, and that figure represents only about half of those who are eligible and in need. Since the numbers tell only part of the story, SN&R decided to tell the tales of a handful of local families, each of whom are

struggling, on a daily basis and in different ways, to put food on the table. In this week's feature, Hugh Biggar and Larry Dalton report from the front lines of local hunger.

Pepper-spray cops, Zucotti Park and other raids, beatings at UC Berkeley, a guy in a tree­--the Occupy Wall Street movement's first act, both here in Sacramento and beyond, has seen its fair share of drama. Yet activists' core message--­the disparity of wealth between the "99 percent" and the "1 percent"--has stuck. So, going into 2012, what will be Occupy's second act? Read about it in this week's news section. Also this week: Asian gangs and Wwoofing.

It's the holiday season and even if you're the Grinchiest of Scrooges, there'll likely be a day when you'll find yourself out and about, braving

the elements (read: crowds). When that time comes, if you have some spare George Washingtons, and the sun's yet to set, then it's time to celebrate a holiday happy hour in the City of Trees. Find out how to make the most of it in this week's Arts&Culture section. Also this week: sushi and Metallica.

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  • 12 Days of Giving

    SN&R is a proud supporter of Sacramento’s nonprofit community. During the season of generosity, we want to remind our readers that help whether it be financial or of their time or resources is appreciated any time of the year by these agencies working to support our communities. Get involved and give back this year.

    This article was published on 12.15.11