Learn from the nerd

Chris Hardwick knows about building a successful and enjoyable career (all things “Nerdist,” plus TV hosting and stand-up comedy). Perhaps that’s why his self-help book, The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life) seems more sincere and, indeed, more helpful than other books in the genre. Some of Hardwick’s advice should be common knowledge (don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes, for example) and some is goofy but novel (rate your personal skills as you would a character in Dungeons & Dragons and add experience points as you learn). The sections on physical fitness may be better left to health professionals, but Hardwick seems to really want to help you realize your goals. After all, he found success early, crashed and burned, overcame an alcohol problem, then applied this formula to himself and is doing great. Plus, the book is funny.