The Role of the Ballet Master: Fluctuating Hemlines

It’s not easy to dance, and it’s not easy to choreograph and direct a dance, either. What appears effortless on stage is the result of hours and hours of hard—and sweaty—work, and the Sacramento Ballet’s Inside the Director’s Studio series provides an up-close look at what it takes to attain that appearance. Next up is an evening with former Sacramento Ballet dancer Jared Nelson, who will be working with the corps on the rock-influenced ballet Fluctuating Hemlines by Septime Webre. Nelson can illuminate approaching a work as both a dancer and a ballet master—and explain exactly what a ballet master does. Of course, these intimate evenings include plenty of dancing—and regular attendees know you can always tell how it’s going by watching co-artistic director Carinne Binda’s eyebrow, but only if you can bear to take your eyes off the dancers. But make sure to get your tickets early because these in-studio shows tend to sell out quickly. Sa 6pm. Through 1/7. $15. Inside the Director’s Studio at the Sacramento Ballet, 1631 K Street; (916) 552-5800, ext. 2;