Issue: January 12, 2012

Greetings SN&R readers,

There's a play in the works by Mayor Kevin

Johnson and Think Big Sacramento to finally get a

new Kings arena built. The plan is to privatize

the city's parking services and the revenue it

would generate for the next 50 years. Note: That

may mean giving up as much as $2 billion in

future city revenue. This week's feature is an

in-depth look, by SN&R's Cosmo Garvin, at what

the plan might mean for the city.

In news, well, it's not easy to read Governor

Jerry Brown. Sadly, figuring out where Brown is

going­-or at least what constitutes his primary

goal for the second year of his third four-year

turn in the Capitol wheelhouse-­is far more

prosaic reading. Just try the budget; Greg Lucas

reports. Also this week: Cosmo Garvin crashes a

Saturday morning "Strong Mayor 3" meeting with

Kevin Johnson's chief of staff, and Bites looks

the death of redevelopment­ and crying mermaids.

This week's arts and culture section runs the

gamut: cosplay, Laotian pumpkins, one-star

reviews, cool watering holes for polar bear

season, Second Saturday, the state of the local

music scene­and a sit down with the state librarian. Shhh­it's reading time.

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