Issue: July 09, 2015

Good morning, readers,

This week's feature package was a ton of fun to write, so we sure hope

it's just as fun to read. A few of us headed off on mini adventures in

the backcountry of Butte County. I got to take a trip up through Inskip

to Philbrook Reservoir, in the northeast corner of Butte County;

Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee took off for Curtain Falls on the

Feather River--be sure to check out the pics of his daredevil friends

(copycatting not recommended!); and staff writer Ken Smith spent a night

camping at Sly Creek Reservoir, a hidden gem on the eastern border.

In other news: We catch up with the "mule man" on his journey through

the North State; we check in with the city and a local arborist to

determine the cause of all the branches we've seen falling from the

trees; and Arts Devo offers a farewell to Jim "Moondog" Dwyer.

Read on!

Meredith J. Cooper, associate editor