Vaccine debate isn’t over

Opponents of SB 277 are already moving to overturn the law

Opponents of Senate Bill 277, which was recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and mandates that nearly all schoolchildren in California must get vaccinated, have filed a referendum to overturn the law.

SB 277 is set to go into effect Jan. 1, eliminating California's personal belief exemption, thereby allowing only children who have received vaccinations for 10 diseases including whooping cough and measles—or those with medical exemptions—to enroll in public or private schools. On July 1, the day after Brown signed SB 277 into law, former state Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks) filed a referendum on the measure with the California Attorney General's office, according to KXJZ News.

In order to get the referendum on the 2016 ballot, Donnelly has 90 days from Brown's signing to collect 365,000 signatures of registered voters.