Ripping the fabric

Rated 3.0

Bay Area artist Amy Everson is the key player in this disturbing and unevenly inventive little psychodrama.

She co-authored the screenplay for writer-director Jason Banker’s semiexperimental account of a woman unhinged by sexual abuse, and she plays the lead role, using her own fabric art (masks and anatomically endowed body suits) as starkly symbolic costumes and props. Felt’s central character (“Amy”) seems lucid in her anger at times and irrevocably deranged in others.

Overall, the film that Everson and Banker have concocted is better at creating intense moments and disturbing imagery than it is at creating depth and coherence in its character portrait. Kentucker Audley and Roxanne Lauren Knouse do decent work as the two characters whose sympathetic patience with “Amy” will go unrewarded at the very least, and much worse than that with one of them.