Issue: April 09, 2015

Good morning, readers!

Everyone enjoy the rain this week? We sure need it. I even got to write

a news story about the drought this week to put it all in perspective!

In our feature story this week, we shine a light on stockholders and the

power they can wield over big corporations like Walmart and Nike.

In other news: Ken Smith takes a little road trip to Orland to see

what's cooking with the Arts Commission there (hint: it's thriving);

Howard Hardee checks in with Measure A; Arts Devo takes part in the

Chico Breaks the Record event at the Tackle Box; and I introduce readers

to the man who spiffed up the joint with cool new wooden decor.

There's more, for sure, so browse away.

Until next time,

Meredith J. Cooper, associate editor