Sex Criminals Volume 2: Two Worlds One Cop

Following the story of two people who can stop time when they orgasm—and their decision to rob a bank using their powers—Sex Criminals finds the protagonists waging war on the Sex Police who hunt them. While the first five-issue volume is a character-driven examination of how the sex and sexuality of adolescence can affect adulthood, issues 6 through 10 focus on how one's life can affect sex and sexuality. As a result, sexuality is the dominant force of this arc as the characters become submissive to their own sex lives. Part of this effect stems from the book's position as a sophomore release to a “controversial” debut. The apparent pressure to top the previous arc means a Game of Thrones–inspired throne constructed entirely of dildos, and much more nudity. Even the book's title—Two Worlds, One Cop—ups the innuendo over the first volume's One Weird Trick. The saving grace is that the creators continue to approach the characters and increasingly dramatic backstories with honesty and humor, free of judgment. In looking at how situations beyond our control can affect our sexuality—whether it's a child walking in on his parents or a playground accident—Sex Criminals avoids shaming and embraces a variety of lifestyles while asking tough questions. Is that still so controversial?