Pirates versus ninjas, Batman versus Superman; there are matchups that will always spark debate. Superfight turns the hypotheticals into a card game where players create outrageous fighters—such as a crazy cat lady who can control hair while driving the Popemobile—then face off, arguing which freak would win in a fight. Superfight heavily borrows from popular party games such as Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, but the crucial difference is the addition of debate among players. It may seem minor, until a party guest successfully argues the crazy cat lady has a chance against King Kong leading a team of trained velociraptors with machetes. As with the best games, a lot of Superfight's success rests on the makeup of the group playing. With the right players, Superfight facilitates and encourages the group's natural dynamic, which is why it excels in the party game genre. Players can further tailor the game to the group with expansions that add locations, scenarios and themed cards—with nerd culture or kid- or adult-only additions—and Superfight's recent partnership with producer Skybound will undoubtedly lead to more expansions. Though Superfight may ultimately fall to the established reign of Cards Against Humanity, it'll be one hell of a fight.