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Lawsuit claims dozens of cheap wines contain unsafe levels of arsenic

A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on April 2 alleges that 83 cheap labels of wine, including Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw White Zinfandel—aka “Two Buck Chuck”—and Franzia White Zinfandel, contain toxic levels of arsenic.

The plaintiffs are four individuals in Southern California; their lawyer, Brian Kabateck, said a former wine industry employee had 1,306 wines tested, according to Of those wines, 83 showed levels of arsenic exceeding the 10 parts per billion considered safe for drinking water. The suit lists more than two dozen California winemakers.

Trader Joe’s issued a statement that they intend to challenge the allegations.

“We will not offer any product that’s unsafe,” said Rachel Broderick, a spokeswoman for Trader Joe’s. “We have no reason to believe the wines we offer are unsafe.”