Raw dairy alert

California issues health warning on unpasteurized milk products

California, the state with the most retail sales of raw milk in the U.S., warns that unpasteurized dairy products can cause serious illness.

The recent statement from the California Department of Public Health relates to six North State residents who’ve recently been diagnosed with campylobacteriosis, a bacterial infection that can come from unpasteurized milk, according to Food Safety News. A recent investigation conducted by CDPH found that multiple bottles of raw milk from Claravale Farm in San Benito County tested positive for campylobacter. (Claravale Farm issued a recall of the affected products.)

Though the sale of raw milk is legal in California, Dr. Karen Smith, director of CDPH, issued this warning in a statement:

“Raw milk is milk from cows, goats, sheep, or other animals that has not been pasteurized (heat treated) to kill harmful germs. A wide variety of germs that can make people sick have been found in raw milk.”