Issue: August 14, 2014

Good morning, CN&R readers!

When was the last time you walked around downtown? If you're like me, it

was about half an hour ago or so, but I know there are lots of Chicoans

who just don't make it to the city's core all that often. For many, it

might appear that downtown is suffering a setback or two. In our feature

story this week, News Editor Tom Gascoyne gets to the bottom of it and,

quick hint, the situation isn't as dire as it may seem from the surface.

In other news (and there's always other news): Editor Melissa Daugherty

checks in with all-around animal lover Tracy Mohr regarding about 70

wild horses that were scheduled to be delivered to our region next month

but now don't have a home; I attended a meeting of the Internal Affairs

Committee in which they discussed how police should respond to burglar

alarms; Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee checks up on the new primary

care facility in town; and Arts Devo finds out what's up with the Pyrate


Also, pick up the paper this week for our annual Goin' Chico special

issue designed to welcome new students (and remind the rest of us what

makes Chico so special).

And, in case you need something else to think about, Best of Chico

voting is officially open! Log onto for

more on our grand prize and the ballot.

Until next week,

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor

  • Goin’ Chico

    Goin’ Chico offers its newest residents a look inside the town and connects them with the places and people that will make their time in Chico special.

    This article was published on 08.14.14