Issue: August 07, 2014

Good morning, readers,

We've got some great stuff in store for you this week. Let's start with

our feature story, a Q&A with Tim DeChristopher, the environmental

activist known as Bidder 70. He catches us up on life after his release

from prison, which entails religious studies as well as a continued

dedication to activism.

In other news: Arts Editor Jason Cassidy attends the grand opening of

Sierra Nevada's East Coast brewery; contributor Leslie Layton takes a

closer look at some of the pro-frackers at the most recent Board of

Supervisors meeting (hint: she follows the money); business columnist

Toni Scott gives us the goods on a new local sports bar (or two?); and

Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee gets psychedelic at the Maltese.

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Meredith J. Graham, associate editor