Comic Bento

Inspired by the popularity of Loot Crate and myriad monthly subscription boxes offering everything from pet products to jewelry, the comic-loving folks of Blind Ferret introduced Comic Bento last month. The graphic-novel subscription service gives readers “more than $50 worth of comics” every month for $25, including shipping and handling. The inaugural selection was nice, delivering on the Montreal-based company’s promise to include a variety of big-name and indie publishers. Seemingly, most subscribers received Looking for Group: Volume 1—not surprising, as it’s a Blind Ferret title—but the selection varies from there. My shipment included another (rough but enjoyable) webcomic, Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management; James O’Barr’s 2012 return to The Crow, The Crow: Midnight Legends, Volume 1: Dead Time; a chunky Marvel Essentials featuring team-ups with The Thing; and JLA’s high fantasy adventure, JLA: Riddle of the Beast. Though the shipping box appeared as if Thor’s Mjölnir delivered the parcel, all books arrived in great condition, protected by a cute little Blind Ferret plush. With a retail value close to $80, it’s easy to excuse the odd title that doesn’t click, especially when Blind Ferret’s selection is spot-on, or introduces you to a new favorite title, writer or artist.