City Council breaks law?

Activist alleges board violated Brown Act

Local activist Jessica Allen (pictured) has issued a cease and desist letter to the city of Chico alleging multiple violations of the Ralph M. Brown Act by City Council.

The Brown Act is meant to guarantee the public’s right to participate in local government meetings. Allen contends the council took actions in closed session that should have been reported at public council meetings, particularly involving the appointment of Mark Orme as city manager.

Allen explained via press release that the letter is the first step in contesting violations of the Brown Act. The council has 30 days to respond to the letter, after which she can take action to civil court.

“We did receive it and have already forwarded it to the city attorney for review and action, if any,” said City Clerk Debbie Presson. “There is no comment at this time. We will wait to hear from our attorney on the validity of the claim.”