Issue: June 12, 2014

Good morning, readers!

This week's feature story is a bit of a mystery. Local writer and

educator (and former CN&R staffer) Josh Indar recently received an

anonymous package on his front porch. In this essay, he reveals not only

what's inside--is it a bomb? a dead rat? a magical unicorn?--but what it

unlocks within him.

In other news: I had a chance to hear what the State of Jefferson

supporters are rallying for, as well as how the Board of Supervisors

decided to handle a proposal to get behind the movement (watch out for

some snarky comments!); columnist Toni Scott finds out the truth behind

a rumor involving Big Al's; Arts Devo throws a few back in celebration

of /Brew Dogs/ coming to Chico; and food writer extraordinaire Henri

Bourride writes about grinding his meat.

Of course, there's more. So, as always, read on!

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor