Issue: May 29, 2014

Happy Thursday!

For our cover story this week, Claire Hutkins Seda went to Concow to

look in on the Buckeye Gathering, a week-long "ancestral arts and

technologies" campout where participants learned how to weave

baskets, make their own shoes, tan hides and other ancestral skills

that have slowly faded from existence in our technology-dependent world.

In news, we look at the Police Chief's decision to no longer have

officers respond to unconfirmed automated alarms, and we report on a

local woman's difficulties in navigating the bureaucracy of Veterans

Affairs on behalf of her ailing veteran father. And on the college

front, Ken Smith checks in with the city's Drop & Dash program as it

gears up for the crush of debris left behind by departing students.

Other highlights this week include a feature on one woman's painful

cautionary tale of tattoos and their removal, Meredith J. Graham's

quest to try the mysterious Sushi Buritto, a review of the new X-Men

film and our annual guide to the summer music festival season, and much more.

Jason Cassidy, arts editor