Issue: May 22, 2014

Good morning, readers!

We know many of you have been wondering if and when the CN&R would

deliver the goods on the upcoming primary election. Well, you're in

luck--today we unveil our Primary Issue. Our feature stories offer

insight into several of the more interesting local races, and also

include a rundown of the state campaigns. Then, if you're curious about

where we stand, be sure to check the Editorial space for our endorsements.

In other news, the farmers' market is still dominating local headlines,

this time because Chico's out-of-town city attorney held up the

signature count on a recent petition. If that seems fishy to you, check

out Tom Gascoyne's Newsline about it. I attended the county's Drought

Task Force meeting earlier this week in order to offer perspective on

local water issues. Hint: It's bad, but Butte County is avoiding the

worst of it. In arts, Jason Cassidy sits down with local screamers Teeph

to find out just what makes their, uh, teeth rattle. And in Healthlines,

Howard Hardee spends a day in high school interviewing some talented

Pleasant Valley students whose class video about mental health is making

some serious waves.

Until next time,

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor