Issue: April 24, 2014

Good morning!

Who's ready for a bike ride? We are ...

This week we celebrate life on two wheels with our sixth annual Bike

Issue. Get comfortable on the trails and roads around Oroville with the

Lake Oroville Bicyclists Organization; learn how to replace a tire all

by yourself; check in on bike routes downtown; and read a heartwarming

(and funny!) story of community members working together to save a man's

bicycle from thievery. That's just our feature package for the week, so

be sure to scan our other sections for bike-related stories (in the News

section, for example, I wrote about Paradise seventh-graders poised to

race in the Wildflower 100 and the inspiring teacher who led the way,

and in Greenways, staff writer Ken Smith talks to a couple who used the

Web to find free lodging during their cross-country bike ride).

As usual, even our special issues are chock-full of other interesting

stories to keep our readers entertained and informed. The Board of

Supervisors consider joining the State of Jefferson; a local ska band

makes waves; and we introduce you to the owners of a new "vape shop" in

town. Also, please check out my very first column (Homegrown) dedicated

to all things made locally. and stay tuned for next week, when we reveal

another new columnist.

Ride on!

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor