Sun Club

I don’t know about you, but I like my summers fun—dancing around like a geek on the lawn with something bouncy and noisy on the boom box kind of fun. And with a name that announces its intentions, Sun Club arrives on the scene with an 18-minute EP that is the perfect bright opener for a summer soundtrack to clapping and shouting and pumping fists. Dad Claps at the Mom Prom is the Baltimore five-pieces’s debut, and over the course of a mere five songs (plus one 29-second aside) it manages to combine the best elements of the best anthemic indie noise-poppers—e.g. Arcade Fire, and especially Los Campesinos—into a rousing quick-paced blend of irresistible hooks, fuzzed-out vocals, shout-along choruses and plenty of noisy guitar fun. So far, four of the songs have had a turn as my standout track, but if I was having you over for a barbecue today, I’d probably start the party with opener “Beauty Meat,” with its simple melodies, and its breezy verses that build into noisy choruses before flipping the rhythm upside down for a funky, 45-second dance jam at the end.