Issue: April 17, 2014

Good morning, readers!

Are you ready to celebrate Earth Month? (Maybe you are already ...) This

week, as we lead up to Earth Day, we at the CN&R have put together a

special package of stories focusing specifically on environmental

issues. Welcome to our annual Green Issue! Our feature stories dive into

the city of Chico and its efforts (or lack thereof) toward

sustainability. But don't think we stopped there! Throughout other

sections (Editorials, Scene and Healthlines, to name a few), we draw

attention to environmental news and activities we think you'll find of


Naturally, we couldn't gear everything in this week's issue toward

sustainability--so, check out other features as well. We covered the

City Council meeting during which Councilwoman Mary Goloff discusses her

most recent absenteeism, and Arts Devo reveals the recipients of last

weekend's Chico Area Music Awards.

We hope you enjoy your Passover ceders and Easter feasts, should those

be on your schedule this week. And, of course, happy Earth Day!

Read on,

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor