Supes green-light restaurant placards

Web subheadOrdinance will require eateries to display color-coded cards indicating inspection results

During Tuesday’s meeting (April 22), the Butte County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the implementation of ratings placards in area restaurants. What does that mean for businesses? It simply puts their inspection results on display for all to see, by way of color-coded placards.

Every restaurant in Butte County, including mobile food trucks, already is held to a set of standards by the Public Health Department and is subject to regular inspections. What this new ordinance will change is, when a restaurant receives two or more “serious” violations, it will receive a yellow placard. Those that receive fewer get green while those that receive red placards for numerous violations likely will be shut down.

The ordinance is based on a similar program in Sacramento County, which has been successful. It will come back to the supervisors for final approval.