Jump aboard!

A look at life on two wheels

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Chicoans love bikes. So does the CN&R. And because the cycling community continues to grow and our biking infrastructure and culture are continually changing, we stay on top of things by putting together our annual Bike Issue. This is our sixth year dedicating a cover package (plus many other features) to one of the community’s favorite pastimes.

This year, we start things off by taking readers over to the trails at Lake Oroville, where a group called LOBO focuses on buoying ridership in addition to efforts advocating for biking throughout the community. Next, back in Chico, we meet up with a bike-shop pro for some DIY bike-maintenance tips. We check in with a city of Chico civil engineer on the recent upgrades to local bike routes and what’s in store in future years. We also have a tale about a local bicyclist who has the community to thank for helping him take back his bike from a would-be thief.

But that’s not all. You’ll find other bike-centric stories sprinkled throughout the rest of the paper as well. Happy reading and riding!