Issue: May 01, 2014

Happy May Day!

It's Thursday, and you know what that means. In addition to being able

to officially start your weekend planning, you get your first glimpse at

the week's News & Review--lucky you!

This week former CN&R intern Tyler Ash brings us a feature story that

dives deep into the history--and the ground--of Cold War-era Chico. Have

you heard about the missile silos near the airport? If not (and even if

you have), this is a must-read. Because what lurks beneath the surface

might just be more than you imagined.

In other news, Editor Melissa Daugherty weighs in on Councilwoman Mary

Goloff's recent addiction admission. The council subcommittee on the

farmers' market is confusing to just about everyone--as is the

appearance of a pro-fracking "expert" at Chico State. And, will the

county get a hall of records once and for all? Of course, we've got fun

stuff for you too--for instance, if your'e thinking about seeing

/Spamalot/, you're definitely in for a treat. And an honest-to-goodness

Southern bluesman makes his home right here in Butte County. Plus(!!) we

unveil yet another new column, The Bottom Line. You'll just have to read

it to find out what it's all about.

Keep on reading on,

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor