Rap, art and battle of the memes

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That there thing Tried to return some Mervyn’s merchandise to Circuit City/ Customer service was certifiably shitty/ Courtesy clerk was nervous, kinda twitchy/ Had a dry-and-curl perm, reminded me of Lionel Richie/ Someone blurted out, “Burrrrrr!”/ And when I turned around, observed Truck Turner had the burner out and pointed at a surfer/ Mr. Furley burst out the beauty parlor in curlers/ and a security jersey, thermos full of Wild Turkey—“Do That There (The Young Einstein Hoo-Hoo Mix),” Lyrics Born.

I don’t care what says, I’m hearing that he’s trying to return some “Mervyn’s merchandise to Circuit City,” not some “worthless merchandise.” I first heard Lyrics Born about a decade ago, at a free outdoor show on the lawn in front of the Rose Garden at Chico State (what happened to free, cool Chico State shows?!), and was immediately won over by his unique reedy voice and impressively dexterous delivery. I’ve only ever owned his second album, 2005’s Same !@#$ Different Day, but its super-funky update to “Do That There” (originally released on Later That Day) was my jam for about year.

And this weekend Lyrics Born is back in Chico, and who will be joining him at Lost on Main, Friday, May 2? Oh, only one of best rappers ever, Blackalicious MC Gift of Gab. This is as good as a rap show gets anywhere, let alone in Chico, so go get yours before it sells out! Tickets are $15 presale (at and $20 at the door.

John John Baca There isn’t any specific information on the gallery website about Need Need Not Repeat, the upcoming solo exhibit at 1078 Gallery by Arts DEVO friend-from-way-back-in-the-Upper Crust Bakery-days John Baca. So, I sent him a note asking, “Can you tell me a little something about what to expect at the show?”

“Hey Jason … Not sure what all to say. The show is mostly sculptural and mixed-media work with a few video pieces. There are only a few of them but they are all very large. I am mostly dealing with the notion of need/want and how such notions change over time.” That’s all that needs to be said! We’re there (all of us!). Opens tonight, May 1, 5-7 p.m.

Monday is for memes On the Facebook this week, I stumbled upon a hilariously ruthless Meme Battle Monday taking place between local stand-up comedians Mark Joseph Leathers and Phil from Chico (both of whom you can often catch Mondays at the alternating comedy nights at the Maltese and DownLo). As much as the challenge of being funny at the expense of others appealed to me, I know better than to take on any of our local funnymen. I am not ashamed to admit that my ego is not strong enough. Comedians have the ability to see into the dark spots we try to keep hidden and then bring that shit back into the light for us all to laugh at forever.

Instead, I will try my luck with meme-ing the musicians of the Pageant Dads (who are actually kind of comedians, too—uh oh). See photo 3 in slideshow above.