Issue: April 03, 2014

Good morning, readers!

We have quite a variety of stories for you this week. Let's start with

the feature package, which, considering it's been raining all week might

not seem that timely because it's about drought. But let's get real--the

recent rains have barely put a dent in our need for water. So, in

addition to looking into why H20 is so important, we offer conservation

tips and an inside look at what's going on with our groundwater.

(PS--Did you know that every time you take a bath you use 70 gallons of


Also on tap this week: A hot debate about plastic bags at the City

Council; an April Fools' trick that got us--and a bunch of other

people--thinking about the Saturday farmers' market; abandoned chicks

find homes (cute photos included); and an interview with Arlo. I promise

there's more.

In a little internal CN&R news, you might notice the name at the bottom

of this newsletter has changed. It's been about two years since I penned

one of these, and in that time I moved out of the country, then out of

the state. But that incredibly strong magnet (you know the one) pulled

me back to this community and this newspaper that I love so much.

Until next week,

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor