Let’s get serious

Butte County must start curbing water use

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In the North State, when we talk about water, we talk about it from a standpoint of ownership. That’s because far-Northern California is the point of origin for the water heading through the State Water Project—the world’s largest water-conveyance system. About three-quarters of the state’s supply comes from this area, and about 80 percent of that is used to feed thirsty municipalities and agricultural interests south of Sacramento.

In recent years, growing communities outside of this region have become increasingly reliant upon Northern California water at a time when supplies have dwindled. So reliant, in fact, that there is concern there’s not enough to go around. In short, even the North State is in danger of going dry.

For years, local water experts have been talking about protecting our water resources. Yet, residents and elected leaders haven’t heeded their warnings. As you’ll read in this special package on the importance of conservation, our groundwater health is inextricably tied to our surface-water supplies. Both are in peril. We can no longer simply talk about solutions. It’s time to take action.