Issue: May 08, 2014

Welcome to the Family Issue!

In this, our third annual Family Issue, we get to the heart of adoption.

We interview two families, the Scherberts and the Pullyblanks, who have

opened their homes (and their hearts) to children without homes. And we

talk to an older Chicoan about his journey to accepting the news that he

was adopted. We also shed some light on how local public adoptions work

and how the system has changed.

In other news: Howard Hardee gets to the bottom of the blight on East

11th Street; contributor Claire Hutkins Seda finds out why families

might choose to cohabitate; former CN&R designer Mazi Noble gets his

hip-hop fix at Lost on Main; and I get a sneak peek (and offer you one)

at some very cool history on wheels at the Chico Cemetery. Also, make

sure to check out Editor Melissa Daugherty's cutting-edge column, Second

& Flume, where she sets the record straight regarding censorship vs.

editing in the newsroom.

As always, keep reading!

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor